B.A. UCLA, Department of Psychology, January 23, 1963.
M.A. UCLA, Department of Educational Psychology, August 13, 1965.
Ph.D. University of London, Institute of Psychiatry, Maudsley
Hospital, London, England, July 14, 1968.


Experimental research with autistic children.
Position: Therapist; research design; training students.
UCLA, Department of Psychology, 1962, 1963, 1964.

Experimental research with the culturally deprived preschoolers.
Position: Research design, training students in experimental research methods; designing educational programs for teaching machines; computer data analysis.
UCLA, Department of Educational Psychology, 1965-1966.

Research project: Training lay-women as therapists with autistic children.
Position: Director, therapist.
Department of Educational Psychology, UCLA, 1965-1966.


Observation and training in clinical methods with emotionally retarded children.
Mt. Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, 1961-1962.

Experimental research project with autistic children.
Position: Research design, therapist.
Neuro-Psychiatric Institute, UCLA, 1964.

Experimental research with severely regressed schizophrenic patients.
Position: Director, therapist, research design.
Springfield Hospital, Tooting Bec, England, 1966-1967.

Training therapists using experimental methods with autistic children.
Belmont Hospital, Surrey, England, 1966-1967.

Post-Doctoral Internship.
Community group therapy with mothers, 1969.
Community group therapy with couples.
Northridge Hospital Foundation, Northridge, California, 1969.

Making training films and lecturing to the doctors and the staff.
Camarillo Mental Hospital, Camarillo, California, 1970-1980.


"Teaching appropriate language and reading skills to an autistic child." Paper read at the Council for Exceptional Children's Meeting, Portland, Oregon, April, 1965.

"Reinforcement theory approach to an experimental treatment program for childhood schizophrenia." Paper read at the Western Psychological Association Meeting, Hawaii, June, 1965.

"An analysis of motivation and learning, and their effects on performance using a culturally deprived pre-school population." Paper read at the California Educational Research Meeting, Palo Alto, 1966. (Cited in the Child Development bibliography.)

"Reinstatement of speech after 30 mute years with a severely withdrawn and catatonic schizophrenic patient."

Paper read at four meetings of the male and female head nursing staffs, Springfield Hospital, London, 1967.

Paper read at the Behavior Therapy Group Meeting, Middlesex Hospital, London, 1967.

Paper read at the Experimental Analysis of Behavior group, Maudsley Hospital, London, 1967.

Paper read to the psychiatric medical officers, consultants, male and female charge nursing staffs. Wallingbroke Hospital, Sussex, England, 1967.

Paper read at University Of Swanzee, Swanzee, England, 1968.

Paper read at Birmingham Hospital, Birmingham, England, 1968.

"Implications for hospital practice: A review of the literature and research with schizophrenic patients":

Paper read to the medical officers, consultants and administrators at two meetings. Springfield Hospital, London, 1967.

"Helping the autistic child to talk, touch, and relate."

Paper read to the psychiatric staff at St. David's Hospital, Cardiff, England, 1968.

Paper read at the British Psychological Society Meeting, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, England, April, 1968.

"Childhood Schizophrenia." Lecture tours in Japan, Hong Kong, Turkey, Thailand, Holland, England, Italy, India, Iran, Brazil, Australia, 1968-1978.

"Training psychologists to work in the media." California State Psychological Association, Monterey, California, 1970.


"Workshop for psychologists: Techniques for using the media." California State Psychological Association, San Diego, California, 1970.

"Using group, marathon and private psychotherapy techniques with normals to demonstrate the dramatic changes that occur within short time periods." Fjie University, Amsterdam, July, 1970.

"Teaching the autistic child to speak, read, react and behave more normally in both the home and social settings." The Nursing Staff, Orderlies and Psychiatric Medical Officers, Chase, Infield, England, 1971.

"Training therapists and parents in teaching autistic children to speak, read, use more socially acceptable repertoires and develop affectionate and caressing physical behaviors." National Society for Autistic Children, London, 1971.

"A new approach to mental illness." Community lecture for the public, as well as doctors and medical staffs in the health care professions and the media. American Embassy, Rome, 1971.

"The psychologist on television." California State Psychological Association, California, 1972.

"Training mentally ill patients to develop healthier and more normal repertoires: An experimental approach." South American Psychological Association, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1973.

Numerous other professional papers have been presented worldwide since 1973 to present, including invited lectures in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, the Far East and Australia.


"Experimental studies in childhood schizophrenia."J. Ex. Child Psych., Vol. 2, No. 1, March, 1965, Lovaas, O.I., Freitag, G., Gold, V. and Kassorla, I.C.

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Dr. Kassorla has written articles about "Go For It" in magazines in the U.S. and Europe including: Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Esquire, Star, National Enquirer, Elle, People, Parade, Parents, Ladies Home Journal, Town & Country, "W", Faces International, Women's Day, T.V. Guide, Readers Digest, Redbook, Psychology Today and several German, British and French magazines.

"Let's Talk Happiness." Column for women, Beverly Hills News, 1995.

"Can We Talk." Column for mothers. LA Parent, 1996 to present.

Numerous articles have featured Dr. Kassorla, and many others have been authored by her on other subjects, appearing in international magazines and periodicals from the following countries: USA, Canada, Iran, Italy, Britain, Germany, China, France, Brazil, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Hungary and Australia, 1968 to present.


"Taussig Fellowship." Awarded by the Emil Taussig Foundation for Independent studies, experimental research and studies abroad. Presented by UCLA for research to be conducted at the Maudsley Hospital, Denmark Hill and Springfield Hospital, Tooting Bec, England, 1966 through 1969.

"Grand-in-Aid Fellowship." Presented by UCLA for independent studies abroad, experimental studies and research, attending classes at the University of London, Institute of Psychiatry, London, England, 1967.

"Prix Italia." The annual international radio-television award for excellence. Presented by the Italian government for radio and television documentaries, Rome, Italy, 1968.

"Women's Achievement Award." Presented by the Telacu Union, Los Angeles, California, 1975.

"One of the Ten Leading Authorities in Education Today." The annual national award presented by the Quest International Center, Columbus, Ohio, 1978.

"Who's Who in the West." Marquis Books, Chicago, Illinois, 1978-1979.

"Who's Who in the World." International Biographical Books Association, Cambridge, England, 1979.

"The Ten Most Influential Women of 1981." Awarded by the USC Panhellenic Council of Women, Los Angeles, California, 1981.

"Woman of the Year." Presented by the City of Hope, Duarte, California, 1981.

"Outstanding Service to the Community." Presented by John Ferraro, Councilman, with Mrs.(Mayor) Bradley, for the City of Los Angeles, California, 1981.

"Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters." Doctorate awarded by the Professional School for Humanistic Studies, San Diego, California, 1982.

"Appreciation Award." Presented by the City of Hope, Friends for Life Chapter, 1984.

"National Women's Committee Award." Presented by Brandeis University, Los Angeles, California, 1986.

"Certificate of Appreciation." Presented by Congressman Howard L. Berman, 1987.

"Trustee of the UCLA Foundation." Invitational appointment by the Board of Directors, Los Angeles, California, 1988 to the present.


"Board of Directors, United Way." Invitational appointment by the Board of Directors, Los Angeles, California, 1989 to the present.

"Honorary Life Member." Award presented by the Friends of California Counseling Center, March, 1991.

"Woman of Vision." Award presented by the Valley Presbyterian Hospital, Van Nuys, California, 1991.

"Woman of the Year." Award presented by the Jewish National Fund, Los Angeles, California, 1992.

"Alumnus Recognition Award for Excellence." Presented by the Euclan Alumnus, UCLA, Los Angeles, California, 1992.

Board of Directors, United Liver Association. Invitational appointment by the Board of Directors, Los Angeles, California,
1994 to the present.

"Hollywood Women's Press Club." Board of Directors, 1995 to present.

Board of Directors, The Jeffrey Foundation, 1997 to present.


This is a partial list of Dr. Kassorla's keynote lectures and workshops to corporations, hospitals, universities, business conferences, professional groups, church and philanthropic organizations from 1970 to the present:

American Psychological Association Convention
Southern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Camarillo State Hospital
Autistic Society
University of Southern California
Louisiana State University
Michigan State University
Southern Methodist University
University of California, Santa Barbara
University of California, Irvine
University of California, Davis
Fullerton State College
Chapman College
Santa Monica Junior College
Westwood Junior College
California State College, Bakersfield
IBM, U.S.A. and International
Philip Morris, U.S.A. and International
Oscar Meyer, U.S.A. and International
Merrill Lynch, United States
Merrill Lynch, Canada
Business Strategies for Professional Women
Channel Islands Business & Professional Women
Senator Campbell's Women's Business Conference
Institute for Successful Church Leadership
Southern California Counseling Center
California Association of School Business Officials
California Association of Family & Marriage Counselors
California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists
San Fernando Valley Family Therapists
Australian Assoc. of Marriage & Family Psychotherapists
California School Boards Association
California Teachers Association
Los Angeles Public Libraries
Pasadena Public Libraries
Valley Cultural Society
Long Beach Junior League
Pasadena Junior League
Los Angeles Junior League
Kaiser Permanente Doctors
Macy's Department Stores
May Company Department Stores
Nordstrom's Department Stores
Bullocks Department Stores
Robinsons Department Stores
Los Angeles Press Club
City of Hope Hospital
Santa Maria Valley Community Hospital
First Interstate Bank
Weight Watchers
Crystal Cathedral
Church of Religious Science

LECTURES (Continued)

B'nai Brith Women
Overeaters Anonymous
Gamblers Anonymous
Co-Dependents Anonymous
School Nurses
Round Table West
Marguardt Management
Aerojet Corporation
McDonald Douglas Realty
Hughes Aircraft Corporation
Drug Wholesalers Association
Sales Professionals of Los Angeles
Camarillo Woman's Day
UCLA Woman's Auxiliary
Governor Wilson's Conference for Women
Women Incorporated, Conference for Women

There have also been numerous lectures for Psychological and Hypnosis Associations, presented in the U.S.A., Canada, Israel, South America, England, Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Hong Kong, Holland, India, Iran and Italy from 1967 to the present.

There have also been community lectures for parents and students in high schools, colleges and universities, delivered in Rome, USA, London, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Canada, India, Mexico, 1970 to present.

There have been countless community lectures to philanthropic groups, churches, social clubs and single organizations have been given in the United States, Canada, and Europe, 1966 to the present.



Dr. Kassorla has been featured in her own TV and radio programs on the following networks and local stations:

- "Group therapy with Dr. Irene Kassorla," KNX-TV, and nationally syndicated.
- "Dr. Irene Kassorla Show," ABC Radio, nationally syndicated.
- "Dr. Irene Kassorla TV Show," CNN, World-wide.
- "Dr. Irene Kassorla Show," KMOX, St. Louis, Missouri.
- "Dr. Irene Kassorla Show," Perth, Australia.
- Produced and featured in dozens of documentaries, KABC-TV.
- Metro-Media News, KTTV.
- Daily appearances, KNX-Radio, Five O'clock News.

Dr. Kassorla has made numerous guest apearances, including those listed below, 1970 to present:

- Phil Donahue, NBC.
- Good Morning America, ABC.
- Regis and Kathy, ABC.
- Oprah, ABC.
- Geraldo, KCAL.
- General Hospital: Acted in several episodes, playing herself within their story-line,ABC.
- Entertainment Tonight, NBC.
-"E" Channel with Kathleen Sullivan.
Mike and Maty, ABC.
- Montel Williams, FOX.
- Leeza, NBC.
- Leeza (Syndicated).
- Stephanie Miller, KCAL.
- Live in L.A., KCAL.
- Marilyn Kagan, KCAL.
- The Home Show, ABC.
- Tom Snyder (several stations).
- Merv Griffin, KTTV.
- Michael Jackson, KABC.
- Mid-Morning Los Angeles, KCAL.
- Susan Powter Show (Syndicated).
- Charlie Rose
- Guest appearances as a judge for: "Miss USA," "Miss
Universe," "Miss Teens."

The above lists do not include numerous other guest appearances on network, cable and local programs on most of the major radio and television stations in the United States, 1970 to present.



Four documentaries about Dr. Kassorla's work with autistic children, psychotic adults and normal patients using positive reinforcement methods have been made by the BBC:

"Mr. Blake." BBC radio, London, 1967
Winner of the ITALIA PRIZE; International TV/Radio Award.
Mick Rhodes, Producer, Rome, Italy, 1968.

"The Broken Bridge." BBC Television, London, 1968.

"Rachel Can Talk." BBC Radio, produced in USA, 1970.

"Five Year Follow-up Study." BBC Television, filmed in USA, 1973.

Numerous guest appearances on radio and television for the BBC in Britain, as well as all of the major independent British television, radio stations around the world, including Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, etc., 1967 to present.

"Speech After Thirty Mute Years." Program presented by the Science Magazine of the Air, British Broadcasting Corporation, London, 1967.

"Therapy With Autistic Children." Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, London, 1967.

Italia Prize, Award presentation on network TV, Rome, Italy, 1968.

"Back to Life." Radio documentary presented by British Broadcasting Corporation, Science Division, 1968.

TV Guest appearance, one week, Channel 9, Rio de Janiero, 1971.

Guest appearances, TV Canada, 1973 to present.

Radio broadcasts to Canada from Los Angeles, 1970 to present.

Weekly radio broadcasts to Perth, Australia: Talk Radio call-in shows with listeners, broadcast via telephone live from Los Angeles, 1977 to 1990.

Daily guest-star, co-host appearances for one week, on the Mike Walsh show, network TV, Sydney, Australia, 1977.

Guest star appearances on the Don Lane Show, Sidney Australia. 1977.

Numerous guest star radio appearances, all network programs, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, 1977 to present.

Regular TV appearances on the Mike Walsh show via satellite direct from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia, 1983 through 1987.

The above does not include other guest appearances that continue to be made on radio and/or television programs in Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Central America, South America, Turkey, Singapore and Holland.


Private psychotherapy practice with psychotic children and their parents, Los Angeles, California, 1962-1966.

Private psychotherapy practice with psychotic children and their parents, London, 1966, 1967, 1968.

Private psychotherapy and hypnotherapy practice with normal patients (private and group sessions), London, 1966, 1967, 1968.

Private international psychotherapy and hypnotherapy practice with autistic children in Britain, Japan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Teheran, London, Italy, etc., 1969 to 1974. Originally these sessions with these patients were made in person. Subsequently, contact with these and other patients and/or their parents have continued by phone and mail, 1970 to present.

Private psychotherapy and hypnotherapy practice, in person, and via the telephone, including private, group and marathon weekend sessions with normal adults and their families in Los Angeles and various parts of the world, 1970 to present.

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